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Created to revitalize your senses on your daily self-care journey.

You are ENERGETIC, FAITHFULORIGINAL, and HONESTKE stands to remind you who you are each day as you use the products.

It's your time to exhale, to relax, to have a daily date with yourself, and remember that you are seen, and you are loved. 

This is your time to focus on YOU.



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My name is Karen, and this is my story. 

I have always been a lover of all things beauty skincare, makeup, and hair. About 14 years ago I decided to stop relaxing my hair and chopped it all off. Eager to learn how to care for my "new' hair, I was in pursuit of information and began discovering blogs, YouTube, and other forums. I tried every product available, this meant learning by trial and error and what my hair needed to thrive and what ingredients to avoid. My hair seemed to thrive using natural products with ingredients I could pronounce and understand. Using natural products for my hair also prompted me to change what I used on my body, and what I put into my body. I started making my own body butters, green cleaning supplies, and even cold processed soap, and after the first batch, I was hooked! Eventually, I began to make all these things for my entire family to use and we still use these items daily.


Karen's Essentials, the blog, started almost 5 years ago featuring product reviews, recommendations, and life updates. Karen's Essentials now has a shop inspired by the original items I made for myself and my family. My mission is to create products with ingredients you can recognize, and with these products, create a comforting and nourishing, daily self-care experience. Our products are an experience for your skin and your senses:  thick rich lather feels silky on skin, the scents are refreshing, and each handmade bar is unique. In short, these are vegan, small-batch, handmade soaps infused with love. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

KE's products are handcrafted with skin-loving ingredients that are also vegan. 





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