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Alikay Naturals Gel Reviews

As you guys know I am a wash n go kinda girl I have a few tried and true gels that I love but wanted to test a few products that were new to me. One of my favorite influencers Elle posted on her Instagram page a picture of Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee Curling Delight and it intrigued me since I didn’t realize there were styling gels in their line of products.

Alikay Naturals Creme Brûlée Target $16.99

The Creme Brulee and Aloe Berry Styling Gel aren’t sold in the store I purchased both products from  The texture of the Creme Brûlée is different from most gels it has a very light jelly-like texture. The product is yellow with a “fruity” scent smells like kool-aid, not my favorite scent. Target sells the product in 8 ounces.

I have used the product  3 times with Oyin’s Hair Dew, Alikay’s Dulce Hydrating Curl Lotion and Camille Rose Coconut Water leave-in;  it played well with all 3 leave-ins. I did have some flaking the first time I used it but that was user error I used too much.; because the product was so light I tried using more hoping for better hold no additional hold just flakes lol totally my fault.

The next 2 uses were fine. My hair was super defined, soft and shiny. The product was very easy to apply and had a decent slip the texture was very different from any product I have ever tried.  I have air-dried completely using the product, air drying for a few hours and then diffusing and the results were the same.

I have gotten 2 to 3-day hair which isn’t bad considering the weather conditions (high humidity), and the gel is super light. I also work out several days per week and sweat terribly in my scalp.  During the summer months, I tend to cleanse my hair at least twice per week anyway.

The ingredients are great with aloe vera gel as the first ingredient which my hair loves. I would like to see how it holds up in less humid weather. The product has a light hold which is normally a deal-breaker for me but I didn’t mind it. I would like to try it with twists and twist outs. I wouldn’t repurchase this product not because I didn’t like it but because the Aloe Berry Styling gel is so similar and a bit cheaper.

While purchasing the Creme Brulee online I noticed there was another styling gel with similar ingredients and I wanted to see if there was a huge difference between the two products.

Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel Target $9.99

I have only tried the Aloe Berry Styling Gel once so far. The product’s texture and ingredients are very similar to the Creme Brulee. The only real difference is the color. I used the Styling Gel with a leave-in no issues with flaking, there seems to be a tad more hold but the results were exactly the same. The Styling Gel is $7 cheaper than the Creme Brulle. I would repurchase this product over the Creme Brulle because it’s basically the same product just $7 cheaper. Overall I liked both products and found a new leave-in from Alikay Naturals that I am loving. Alikay is a solid brand I have reviewed the deep conditioner Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner Review   which I absolutely love. Both of the styling products work well if you don’t mind a light hold and if you have fine hair this product may be perfect for you. The only con for me is the scent.

Alikay Naturals is a brand that is worth exploring I plan to try more products from the line. Do you prefer a light or a stronghold for your styling products?

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