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Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation: Does It Work for Mature Skin?

Beauty Bakerie is an Indie Black Owned makeup brand, that I absolutely love! In the Spring they launched their first foundation. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try the foundation because it could only be purchased online. I will buy lipstick, eyeshadow palette’s online but foundation is very difficult to match from a picture online. I bit the bullet and ordered the foundation, however, the shade I wanted was sold out so I  purchased another shade that I thought would work. To my surprise, the brand sent the shade I ordered and an additional shade at no cost with a note that said: we know it is difficult to buy foundation online and we added an additional shade that also may match you if you can’t use the shade gift it to someone else and if neither shade works send them both back for a full refund. How amazing is that to giveaway a full sized product. I am so impressed with this brand their marketing, the packaging and their amazing customer service.

My initial order neither color worked for me both were too light I sent them back and ordered the shade that was previously out of stock; they again sent an additional shade the shade match was a lot better. Beauty Bakerie’s site is very helpful they try to match you with a shade that you wear in another brand to what is similar in their range. The foundation comes in 30 shades, 10 shades for each undertone neutral, cool and warm. I have a golden warm undertone.  Beauty Bakerie made a huge statement to other makeup brands with their range because it includes very deep shades that are normally nonexistent with some mainstream brands.

I was a little nervous trying this foundation because it seemed geared to a younger demographic that often like a “full beat” meaning lots of coverage that is super matte. That works when you have young skin, with no fines lines or texture. Since I was concerned that it may be too matte for me I also purchased their wake and bake oil; to add a drop to the foundation to make matte foundations more of a natural finish or a demi-matte finish which is what I prefer.

I applied the foundation with a primer underneath to smooth over pores, fine lines and to help the foundation adhere.  I applied the foundation with various tools during the testing stage, using beauty sponges, foundation brushes, and using my Clarisonic foundation brush attachment.  The application worked well no matter what tool I used, if I want a more sheer coverage I will use a sponge, medium coverage I opt for a brush. The foundation is buildable and claims to be full coverage since I don’t do full coverage makeup I haven’t attempted to build it up. The foundation looks natural on the skin and blends well without sitting on top of the skin nor does it cling to my pores, fine lines or texture.

This foundation lasts a full workday and looks good at the end of the day.  I have worn it in very hot and humid weather, worn it while working out (if I go to the gym right from work). I do have to blot once or twice around my t-zone as my oils break through but not so much that the foundation slides off.  The foundation is transfer resistant it doesn’t transfer on your clothes or hands while touching your face.

Is the foundation suitable for “us”  women with mature skin? I would say it depends. If you have dry skin I don’t think this foundation would work for you without using a beauty oil to mix with the foundation. If you have more combination skin like me (normal to oily) it is certainly worth a try. If I had to say a con about the foundation it would only be that it’s sold online only, but they even make that process pretty easy to find a good match.

Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Shade 27

Let’s talk about the packaging; first a disclaimer I am not a person that goes nuts over packaging that draws me in and makes me purchase it because the packaging is cute or luxe “that I just had to buy because of the packaging” (I don’t get that). No judgment here lol I just don’t do that.  BUT…the packaging is genius! Everything has a “bakery” name, cake mix, doing it for the graham (as in graham cracker) CUTE!

Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation $28 1 oz

I would recommend this product and I would repurchase; this a line worth exploring even if you are a little nervous about buying foundation online, I have tried so far the eyeshadows and their blending egg sponges. If you would like to see a review on the other products I have tried please leave a comment letting me know.  I also want to try the lip products as you may recall lip products and foundations are my favorite makeup items.

I do have an affiliate link which means if you purchase from Beauty Bakerie using my affiliate link I will receive a small commision. If you feel more comfortable purchasing directly from their site, by all means, please do so. Beauty Bakerie is a beauty brand to watch. I love testing and trying out products from BOB’s!

As I am writing this I am preparing to go on vacation to celebrate my 3OTH Anniversary! WOO HOO! While on the beach I will be testing yet another BOB product SUNSCREEN. WE ARE DOING IT ALL!!! Please share any black-owned brands that you have discovered or ones you want me to review.

Thank you all for entering my first Giveaway! We have a Winner!  Congratulations to Ms. Rhonda Ruffin! Rhonda, please share with us your thoughts on all the goodies once you have tried them out!

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