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Best Candles Ever (BOB)

Grant Street Candle $10-$30

I love candles and have tried many over the years. I used to buy Yankee Candles for years, Bath & Body Works candles.  I stopped buying Yankee Candles years ago because they didn’t offer a cleaner version (soy) same for Bath & Body Works. I noticed that there would be blackish soot that would be left in the air after extinguishing the candles and they didn’t always burn evenly. They seemed to burn straight down and not all of the wax was melting at the same time.  Doing some research I was on a hunt for a cleaner burning candle I started purchasing soy candles from Target and Marshalls. The candles were fine, prices were reasonable and they are a cleaner version the only problem was still they didn’t burn evenly consistently.

Late last year Michael and I went to a local craft fair to support a friend as seen in the post: New Series: Doing What You Love (Kiva Slade Designs) selling her handmade jewelry. There were so many local artisans soap makers, jewelry makers, handmade candy you name it. There were a few candle makers there as well but 228 Grant Street Candle Co interested me the most. The packaging drew me in, the beautiful amber milk bottles and the simple but sleek label, that’s what caught my eye but the scents OH MY GOODNESS sold me! There were sultry and woodsy scents, fresh scents and citrus and so much more. The scents are mature and sophisticated. I HATE sweet candles, you know the ones that smell of cake or donuts or that smell artificial. The owner of 228 Grant Street was at the booth,  he told us the candles are made of soy with a no-lead wick, they are fragranced with high-quality fragrance oils and what’s most impressive is that they are all hand-poured in small batches locally in Baltimore.  I was so excited, I wanted to purchase every scent but thought better of it since I had not yet tried the product. We purchased the small 8 0z candle in Amber and Sandalwood for $18 I think. As soon as we got home I burned the candle that little candle fragranced our entire place. The candle burned clean and evenly there was no dip in the middle all the wax burned down slowly at the same time. The candle lasted a good while ( didn’t record how long it took us to use it up). After it was gone I went back to Target and Marshall’s candles with plans to purchase more of the 228 Grant Street Candles because the other candles paled in comparison.

Last week I ordered two of the 16 oz jars in Amber & Sandalwood which has a sultry, woodsy scent not too masculine though and the Meyer Lemon & Lavander Scent which has a citrusy slight floral fresh scent. The candles look and smell expensive. The 16 oz candles are $30 each which I know is relatively expensive for a candle but they last so much longer than any of the less expensive versions I have tried. Worth every penny!

To prolong the life of my new favorite candles I decided to follow the instructions and snip the wick before each use (did you know you were supposed to snip the wick?  Do you snip?). Hey for $30 dollars I am following all the rules lol. I purchased a snippet tool from Yankee Candle for $10 I tried going the cheap route and just use scissors yeah that didn’t work.

I would highly recommend 228 Grant Street Candle Co. A local, black-owned brand that has an amazing product! The candles are sold locally at specialty shops in Baltimore and can also be purchased online. I have had a blast discovering these amazing brands and love sharing my discoveries with you more to come.

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