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how menopause has changed my Skin

You may be wondering why must we get this close and personal!

I wanted you to see my 54-year-old naked skin; and share my struggles while going through menopause. My skin is combination-oily in the t-zone and normal to dry around the perimeter, and has become SUPER sensitive.

On my old site, I shared my skincare routines for both morning & night not too long ago but everything in my routine as it relates to products has changed.

Due to my now overly sensitive skin, I no longer use any products on my face that contain fragrance. I stopped using chemical exfoliants also known as BHA's for a while for my acne-prone skin, and enlarged pores.

I am super cautious now and pay close attention to what I am using that could further irritate my skin. I have always had sensitive skin, but not to this degree.

I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician I am sharing my experiences and what has helped me. My dermatologist suggested that I try Laroche-Posay skin-care line they don't contain fragrance and are gentle but effective. I have been using them now for about a year or so.

I won't get into much detail here, but I plan to do a dedicated review of this skincare line in the near future.

Have you noticed that most high-end brands contain fragrance in their skincare? Why is that?

As women age and go through menopause the pH level of our skin changes, the elasticity, and collagen levels diminish. Our skin may become more sensitive, drier, thinner and if you have eczema or other skin conditions it can worsen while in menopause.

I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on.

We all know about hot flashes, night sweats, and the mood swings that menopause brings on but I had no idea my skin would change so drastically!

Good old menopause the gift that keeps giving!

What changes if any have you experienced as you mature? What have you implemented that has helped.

Please share in the comments.

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