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edge Naturale follicle enhancer review

The owner of Edge Naturale reached out to me last June to try and review her new product. I was a little reluctant about putting any product on my scalp. As you know if you've been here for a while I have super sensitive skin these days and my scalp can be quite problematic. I told her my reservations but agreed to try it on my edges.; although my edges are fine no breakage or thinning hair; I felt my hairline would be the safest place to try the product.

The product comes in two sizes 2 ounces $29.95 or 4 ounces at $53.91 it is pricey but if it works for you then it's worth it.

The texture has a whipped consistency that's very light; it's not greasy or heavy at all. It absorbs into the skin immediately. The ingredients:

Water Carbomer Stearic Acid Petrolatum Glyceryl Stearate Glycerin Cetyl Alcohol Mineral Oil Peppermint Oil Argan Oil Avocado Oil Niacin Castor Oil Jojoba Oil Coconut Milk Extract Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin.

I didn't use the product regularly because of my sensitivity issues mostly. The ingredients are mostly good but there are two problematic ingredients for me Petrolatum and Mineral Oil both of these ingredients are great at keeping the moisture within the skin/scalp the occlusivity however, will also stop any moisture from coming in; neither of these ingredients are water-soluble which means you would have to use a sulfate cleanser to remove them.

Peppermint oil is said to improve inflammation and circulation which then may increase hair growth. There are some promising studies noting peppermint oil may work for some hair loss. There are hundreds of rave reviews on the website, with testimonials and pictures. I can't say that it worked for me; I didn't use it enough.

Please click the link and check out all of the testimonials and reviews.

If you are having issues with hair loss this may work for you. If you have used this product share your thoughts? Do you suffer from hair loss? How are you treating it? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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