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KAZMALEJE Detangling Paddle Comb Review

I received the KAZMALEJE detangling comb directly from the brand to try out and consider for an honest review (this post is not sponsored); pronounced Cosmology. KAZMALEJE is a black-owned brand with innovative products to detangle natural hair.

KAZMALEJE was the winner of Odyssey Media’s “What’s Your Pitch” competition last year. The Co-Founder LaToya has been very responsive, any questions that I had about the tool to ensure I was giving you accurate information she answered all my questions. I asked for a discount code for my subscribers and LaToay provided that as well.

This comb is very different from any detangling tool I have ever used, the comb is heavy, it has a good weight to it that is comfortable in the hand. As you can see in the picture above from site, the comb is all one piece. There are no seams, sharp corners or anything that can snag or rip the hair. The teeth are long, which is necessary to get to the tangles at the root.

I have used this comb countless times since receiving it at the end of June; I have put this comb to the test, even having my daughter trying it out as well since our density is a little different (my hair is thicker) (her hair is longer with tighter curls).

I often detangle my hair before cleansing. I first remove as much shed hair as possible while my hair is dry with my hands dividing my hair into sections and doing the praying hands method, smoothing my hands down the length of my hair in that section to loosen most of the shed hair. I will then spray my hair to dampen, add a cheapie conditioner, or a detangling spray or whatever I have on hand and smooth throughout my hair ( still in sections).

I always finger detangle first before adding a detangling tool; finger detangling helps me feel any knots or large tangles that I can work through first with my fingers (this helps me maintain length and protect my hair from breakage). I never want to rip through a knot or tangle with a tool this will cause breakage. Once finger detangled I then go in with the comb starting at the ends slowly working my way up to the root. Because this comb has a good weight it helps to work through my dense thick hair. I was amazed how easily the comb detangled my hair, I almost didn’t believe my hair was “really detangled” so I went in with my Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush    to be sure my hair was thoroughly detangled (which I also love).

The design of the comb is so different the teeth are long and thick and seamless which helps the tool to glide through my hair gently; I can detangle in bigger sections because of the size of the comb and the length of the teeth. I start out by holding the comb by the handle (which has a pointed end for parting the hair) while detangling the ends I then work my way up around the base of the comb once I get up to the roots. The comb feels comfortable in my hand, not too slippery or so light that it will easily slip out of my hands. Since there are no removable pieces on the comb there is no danger of anything snagging my curls. It is super easy to clean and to remove any shed hair.

If I had to say there was a negative it would only be that I can’t “smooth” my ends with this comb as I can with a tool with thinner teeth but that is the only con which isn’t a big deal at all.

I love this comb, it is a great addition to my wash day routine. Kazmaleje also has other detangling tools that I  plan to try out as well. I am so impressed with this very innovative tool.

To receive 10% off your entire order please use the code: KARENSESSENTIALS

One use per customer.

If you are in need of a great detangling tool for your natural hair this is it!

What do you use to detangle your hair? Do you detangle before or after you cleanse?

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