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Let's talk feminine Hygiene!

I have had this in my spirit for a minute and I just can not avoid talking about this any longer!

I started my period at 9 years old in the 5th grade. Thankfully my mom had talked to me about the changes my body would go through as I got older. 9 isn't exactly older but I was ready when it came.

Over 40 years ago when the maxi pads came in HUGE boxes and were as thick as a mattress, they would roll and bunch. There was no hiding you were wearing one. Back then women regularly douched with that red hot water bottle thingy that hung on the back of the bathroom door or the disposable ones. We have been told that our lady parts need special attention, so we can smell as fresh as a daisy! Where did this come from? The better question is why 40 years later are we still using these outdated harmful tactics to clean our bodies.

It goes without saying that I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to give medical advice BUT. I am saying let's educate ourselves about our bodies. Did you know that washes, wipes, and the latest craze "Vajacial" (a facial for the vagina) are very harmful? These things that claim to balance the ph really do the opposite. We have been trained that our bodies particularly our lady parts are nasty, and dirty and should be handled as such. STOP!

I have very sensitive skin and especially in that area. I told my doctor that I used the gentlest soap (Dove) before I was making my own. She said "try using just water," I thought this woman must be mad but I tried using only water and it worked no more irritation. Although I make my own soap I don't always use it down there still just water or unscented soap.

Did you know your vagina is self-cleaning?! Yep, it cleans itself by removing fluid and cells which we also know as discharge. Thanks to the magic of the self-cleaning vagina there is no need for douching or steam cleaning! You will cause more harm than good; this can upset the balance of good and bad bacteria. Which can lead to those fishy odors and weird colored discharge.

We need to know the difference between the vagina and the vulva, vagina think inside, the vulva is outside lol. Still, plain water is enough to clean that area, using wipes, washes or even plain soap can lead to irritation. AND YOU WON'T STINK! If you do something else is wrong.

There are so many brands pushing this harmful myth that we need to treat our precious lady parts harshly, she is delicate and sensitive leave her alone. If you are having issues with a bad odor or weird discharge, pain and discomfort see your doctor! She is not supposed to smell like roses, or candy or any of that let her be!

WHEW! I said it! What are your thoughts? This is a judgment-free zone. Please do your research and talk to your doctor.

P.S. You should now be able to leave comments on any blog post! Let's chat about it!

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