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Lotus Essentials Natural Hair Brand Review

I was sent two products from Lotus Essentials a new natural hair brand, the owner Stephanie reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out the brand. After checking the website and the ingredients on the 2 products to be sent I was intrigued. The first product is the Lotus Essentials Rose Milk. Product description from the brand:

Rose Milk is a light formula suitable for all skin and hair types prone to dryness. The rose water it contains does a good job of balancing your pH levels while also acting as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce dry, irritated skin. To help seal and maintain moisture levels, we’ve added Tucuma Butter with Argan Oil just to make sure you won’t go dry and to make sure your hair and skin aren’t too greasy. Don’t be fooled by the lightness of this formula, A Little is A Lot! Use on hair 1-2 times a week to assist with detangling and preventing dryness. Just after the first use, you will notice less breakage on your wash days.

What intrigued me about the Rose Milk is that it can be used on the skin and the hair. I have used this product 5 times over the last several weeks, I used it as a pre-poo, a leave-in conditioner as well as a midweek refresher. My favorite way to use this lightweight formula is as a mid-week refresher as it is very light and has a good amount of moisture but felt it performed best on my hair as a refresher. I liked it as a leave-in under my Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Majic gel, UFDCM is already so moisturizing I don’t typically use a uber moisturizing leave in under it because I know I won’t get a 5-day wash n go if the leave-in is too moisturizing. As a pre-poo on damp hair, it also performed well, leaving my hair soft and easy to detangle when left on the hair with a conditioning cap for about 15 minutes. Made the detangling process a breeze. The ingredients are stellar!  The scent of the rose milk has a slightly sweet, soft rose scent. It doesn’t linger on the hair or overly scented. I didn’t try the rose milk on my face as one of the suggested uses as a moisturizer I have gotten away from using any products that contain fragrance on my face (I will save that for another post). So I can’t speak to the claims of this product as an anti-inflammatory for dry irritated skin. I can, however, attest to the moisture retention of this product as a refresher. Since we are in the winter season this product didn’t perform as well as a leave-in of some of my heavy hitters; I suspect though in the warmer months when I tend to use more lightweight products this will be a winner!

The Aloe Conditioner Hair and Skin Brand Product Description:

Using Aloe Conditioner by Lotus Essentials as a co-wash or just as a deep conditioner will help restore moisture back to dry, damaged hair helping to reduce the amount of hair breakage you see in your comb and in your sink. With the help of the Murumuru butter and Avocado oil we’ve added, you will see results after just the first use. The Lavender oil included is used to invigorate your scalp for a fresher feel and will help reduce flakes. During those hot summer months or on your tropical vacay, add a little bit of this to your skin to give a cooling effect after sunbathing. My experience using the Aloe Conditioner the product is also very lightweight with awesome ingredients. I have used this product 4 to 5 times. I used is as a deep conditioner for 10 minutes with heat. I was a little concerned that there wasn’t a lot of slip and that it is so lightweight my hair probably would not be moisturized. I was pleasantly surprised by how well my hair felt after removing the heat cap. Unfortunately, the moisture didn’t last after I rinsed the product out my hair wasn’t dry but it didn’t feel like my hair had been deep conditioned. I didn’t use it as a co-wash because there were no surfactants in the product that would cleanse the hair. I loved it as a pre-poo left my hair soft and easier to detangle on damp hair. The ingredients in both products are amazing. Again I can’t attest to the products claim that this product will help reduce flakes since I didn’t use on my scalp. I would love to try this in the summer months on my body because the texture is so light and velvety soft. The Rose Milk is $28.50 for 4 fluid ounces a bit pricey but a little goes a long way, I used it 5 times and have a little less than half a bottle left. The Aloe Conditioner is also $28.50 for 8 fluid ounces again I have used it several times and have a little less than half left. The link I provided is a bundle for both products at $45.50.

Overall, I like both products and will use them both in the warmer months to see how my hair responds to the lightweight formula. I love the ingredients, the scent, and the packaging. The products worked best for me as a pre-poo and refresher. I will also test them on my body in the warmer months when I don’t need a heavier product for my dry skin.

Have you tried this brand? What did you think?

Are there any new brands or products you would like me to try either hair, makeup or skincare?

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