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Mented Cosmetics Review

Mented Cosmetics

In my last post I shared I wanted to try more Black Owned Brands (BOBS) (not just natural hair products).  Over the last few years many BOB cosmetic brands have launched. Mented Cosmetics is a brand that has created nude lipsticks for women of color. I am a nude girl when it comes to lip color, lip sticks and foundation are my absolute favorite makeup products. Mented Cosmetics had a sale last week 25% off, free shipping and orders over $45 received a free full size lip stick.

First impressions from ordering online to actually receiving my order was a seamless process. The site is easy to navigate and user friendly. There are pictures of multiple hued women of color wearing the lipsticks which makes it easy to imagine how the shade may look on you. For example for each color lipstick there were 4 models wearing the same shade.

I ordered 4 lipsticks and got one free. The lipsticks are $16.50 each, you can also buy collections of 3 for $45  or you can create  your own collection of 3. My order shipped quickly and  I received my order in about 4 days. The packaging is beautiful, it came in the box pictured above with the lipsticks bubble wrapped and a beautiful thank you card also pictured.

Mented Cosmetics $16.50

I ordered the shades Nude LaLa, Foxy Brown, Dope Taupe, Brand Nude, and Mented #5 (freebie). The packaging is very similar to Mac Cosmetics lipstick they even have that vanilla smell which I love. The formula is very creamy,  and super moisturizing that glide on effortlessly, the formula is super pigmented. Even though the lipstick is a cream formula it doesn’t move all over your face and outside the lip like some cream formulas. I normally prefer a matte lip because you don’t have to reapply as often and I love the look of a matte lip. Cream lipsticks are a little more high maintenance since they must be reapplied more often. I did have to reapply after eating, but even then the color wore off evenly not patchy, the color faded evenly. I absolutely love the formula! Mented Cosmetics is a brand to watch there is also a collection of nude glosses and nude nail polishes.

Are you a nude girl or do you prefer more color? Do you prefer matte or cream lipstick?

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