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Oyin Ginger Mint Co-Wash Review

Oyin Ginger Mint Co-Wash $11.99 8 oz

Oyin released a new Co-Wash in October and I purchased mine during their Black Friday Sale. My favorite cleansers are both from Deva Curl No-Poo Decadence and DevaCurl Micellar Water Cleansing   Deva Curl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum Review 

See the review for the Buildup Buster. I love both of the Deva Products the Decadence No Poo because it cleanses my hair without stripping it and leaves my hair really soft. The Build Up Buster cleanses a little better than the Decadence but doesn’t leave my hair quite as soft.

Oyin’s Co-Wash, however, is a GAME CHANGER I Absolutely love this product! The scent is light and refreshing the ginger and mint are a nice combination one doesn’t overpower the other. I don’t normally like minty smelling products but this is nice. The consistency is that of a light lotion, it has tons of slip which glide through the hair very easily. The mint is soothing and cooling to the scalp and cleanses the hair very well. The best part is how my hair feels after rinsing it out. My hair feels very clean, but not stripped, and super moisturized. I have used the product 4 times to really test it and I love it! The price point is reasonable $11.99 for 8 oz. I got it during Black Friday for 30% off. I purchased 3 of them because I saw one of my favorite Blogger /Youtuber Elle review it on her youtube channel check out her blog and channel here:

Elle raved about this product and I love the Brand (my favorites are the Oyin’s Hair Dew, Burnt Sugar Pomade, and Frank Juice). I don’t use shampoo and I rarely try new co-washes because I was very happy with Deva. The Ginger-Mint Co-Wash is a winner!  I only wish it came in a larger size! The ingredients are incredible no sulfates or parabens and if you wondering how can a co-wash cleanse your hair the ingredient Cocamidopropyl betaine is a compound derived from coconut oil that acts as a surfactant instead of harsh sulfates found in most shampoos. Do yourself a favor and try this Co-Wash. Right now the Co-Wash is only available online on Oyin’s website

What do you use to cleanse your hair shampoo or Co-Wash?

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