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reclaim your time!

2020 has changed us forever; I don't think there will ever be a return of what was before the pandemic. I want to share with you how I was able to buy back my time!

  1. I cut off all my hair last September! I have done this numerous times over the years when I needed a change. Getting the Pandemic cut was more about my time. We were already stuck in the house going nowhere and I didn't want to spend 2-3 hours per week caring for my hair. I have not looked back. I do my hair daily in the shower takes less than 5 minutes per day!

  2. I started using Instacart! I didn't want to risk going into the stores to shop. I already hated going to the grocery store but I wasn't sure I wanted someone else purchasing my food. After weighing the options and the possibility of exposure to COVID I got over it. I absolutely love this service. Writing the list, driving to the store, loading groceries in the car to unload the groceries, and put them away too much time!

  3. Meal Subscriptions this is another thing I vowed I would never do! I love to cook, but I no longer have the bandwidth to come up with recipes or even look up new ones. I AM TIRED OF COOKING! The Pandemic had me in the kitchen every day maybe multiple times per day! I tried Hello Fresh and the recipes were so good and easy. I didn't have to measure it was all done for me. I loved it! However, they had less than stellar produce and farm-raised seafood that totally freaked me out so I canceled and haven't explored a new one yet.

  4. I outsourced 3 huge processes in my business that take up a lot of my time and brain space. This would keep me up at night! To work with someone in their genius allows me to work on my own. This has changed so much for me, I can work in my business without getting tied down to the tasks that need to be done but not necessarily by me!

  5. I asked for help! I can't do everything! I know that to be true but I still tried to do it all. My body reminded me real quick and I was doing the most when I didn't have to.

  6. CEO Monday's this day is set aside to refresh, tweak my schedule, read or do some sort of training related to my business. No meetings or business phone calls on Mondays.

  7. Calendar Blocking- allows me to set time for each task of my day in advance. Doing so helps me save time, I know going in I have x amount of time for each task. I set a timer when time is up I move on to the next thing on my list. Budgeting my time gives me a realistic view of how much time I really spend each day. I can adjust the time moving forward if need be. Without a time budget, I can get stuck on one thing and not accomplish all I need to for the day.

Y'all these 7 examples have saved numerous hours each day, week, and month! I am always looking at ways to be a better steward of my time!

What are some of your time-saving strategies? Please leave a comment below!

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