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What 2020 Gave Me!

The year 2020 was challenging with the pandemic, political climate, social injustice, unemployment so much going on all at once. That was a struggle for me as I am sure it was for most of you. 2020 wasn't all bad, 2020 gave me perspective on what's really important and reminded me how quickly our lives can change in an instant.

I was laid off in early February last year, my husband was furloughed a few short weeks later, my son was also furloughed it was one blow after the other. My daughter contracted COVID we were scared, did we have it too, did we pass it on to my Mom with all of her health challenges? Thankfully, Corey had a mild case and none of us were infected.

2020 gave me time to think and assess where I was going, or what to do next in this season of my life. 2020 gave me so much time to pray, spend time in God's word, and listen most importantly what He was saying to my heart!

2020 revived my dream to become a business owner, the dream never went away even when I tried my best to ignore what I had been longing for, the last twenty plus years! After all, I had no job and all this time on my hands. One of my dear friends started a Virtual Assistant business, I was intrigued, I asked a lot of questions and decided to take the course and start my own VA Business, last March 2020.

I didn't just want to survive the year many have called a dumpster fire, I didn't want to miss what God might be showing me through it all.

My longing to create a beauty brand has laid dormant for years it would be too much, where would I find the time to do all the things? My husband reminded me we aren't getting any younger (thanks Babe) and if I wanted to start another business now is the perfect time.

Karen's Essentials the blog has now evolved into Karen's Essentials the brand! I love making soap, and body butters experimenting with ingredients I've been doing it for years how hard can it be to turn my hobby into a business? Let's just say I underestimated the time and effort it would take to make this thing happen. My plan was to launch in May, then July, and here we are in February and the time is finally right to launch Karen's Essentials!

You may have noticed the site is different working with my amazing graphic designer she moved my old WordPress site to this new platform, which now houses the blog and my shop.

Beginning, Friday, February 5th the shop is open for pre-sale orders until February 19th, pre-orders will begin to ship on February 22nd.

Please let me know your thoughts on all the newness around here! I am so excited to reconnect with you guys! What did 2020 bring you? How are you doing?

Featured Serenade Soap notes of Bergamot and Lemon.

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